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Newsline: Western embassies on high alert in Kenya

Tens of thousands of students across Kenya have been ordered to return home as the country’s biggest election in years is only a week away. Western embassies are on high alert and most have started sending pre-election warnings to their citizens, ranging from warnings to leave the country if you can (Germany) to have your ‘grab and go bag’ ready (New Zealand). (https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/world/one-week-to-go-schools-close-and-embassies-on-high-alert-as-a-tense-kenya-nervously-counts-down-to-election-day/ar-AA10dm0o) In an election campaign that is increasingly turning ugly, with accusations of corruption, land grabbing and power abuse flying left, right and centre, Kenyans are nervously awaiting what election day, and particularly its aftermath, will bring. People are urged to stay close to home and sock up on food, water, rice and pasta, if possible. Power outages and WiFi disruption is also expected next week.

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