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Newsline: Senegal accuses Canadian police of beating diplomat in Ottawa

The Republic of Senegal says one of its on-duty diplomats in Ottawa was beaten at her home by police earlier this week, while Quebec’s Gatineau Police Service says its members subdued and arrested a person who was violent toward officers. The Embassy of Senegal posted a French-language news release from its Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Senegalese Abroad about the Tuesday incident on the embassy’s Facebook page on Friday afternoon. The release did not cite the police agency involved. “During this operation, the Canadian police exercised humiliating physical and moral violence on the diplomat in front of witnesses and in the presence of her minor children,” according to the release. “Despite being reminded of the victim’s status as a diplomat and of the inviolability of her home, the Canadian police officers handcuffed her and savagely beat her to the point that she had difficulty breathing, which led to … evacuation by ambulance to the hospital.” (https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/senegals-government-accuses-canadian-police-of-savagely-beating-ottawa-embassy-diplomat/ar-AA10mt42) The ministry’s release did not name the diplomat or specify the location of the home. CBC has reached out to the embassy and the ministry for comment.

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