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Newsline: UK Foreign Office banned Uber after driver raped and murdered British diplomat

Uber has been blacklisted by the Foreign Office in Lebanon after a taxi driver raped and murdered a British diplomat, an inquest was told. Rebecca Dykes was killed while making her way home from a night out having drinks with friends in the Gemmayzeh district of Beirut, Lebanon. Tariq Houshieh, who was working for Uber, raped the 30-year-old before strangling her with a cord from his hooded jumper and dumping her body by the side of the road. Ms Dykes had booked the ride using the Uber app, whose driver identification and rating system was seen by many, especially women, as offering better safety guarantees than when hailing a cab off the street. Houshieh later confessed to the “senseless” attack, which took place in Dec 2017, and was handed a death sentence in 2019. He is now appealing to have the sentence commuted, My London reported. (https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2022/08/05/foreign-office-bans-uber-driver-raped-murdered-british-diplomat/) Houshieh was allegedly able to work as a taxi driver despite having a criminal record and twice being arrested for alleged harassment and theft.

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