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Newsline: Australian Activist Arrested for Threatening to Blow Up China’s Embassy in London

For the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Drew Pavlou is a perennial troublemaker. Pavlou and his friends repeatedly disrupted a speech by China’s Ambassador to Australia that was supposed to reset troubled bilateral relations. In fact, that Pavlou, 23, is an almighty pain in the CCP’s backside is probably the only thing the two sides can agree on. But what Pavlou strenuously denies is ever using or threatening violence. And that’s where things get tricky. On July 21, Pavlou was arrested during a protest at the Chinese Embassy in London during which he brandished three flags—representing Taiwan and China’s Tibetan and Uyghur Muslim minorities—and superglued his hand to the front gate. But when London’s Metropolian Police officers arrived, they arrested him not only on suspicion of trespassing on diplomatic premises and criminal damage, as he expected, but also “communicating false information to make a bomb hoax.” During interrogation, investigating officers showed Pavlou an email from an account under his name that threatened to blow up the embassy building unless it received a reply by noon that day and steps were taken to end the oppression of the Uyghurs. Pavlou firmly denies sending it. He says he faces up to seven years if convicted. Pavlou has been remanded on bail until Aug. 14 and until then is unable to leave the U.K. The bomb hoax email came from the drewpavlou99@protonmail.me email address. Pavlou says he does have a Protonmail account, but that is not the one. However, the email prefix is identical to an account he has with gmail, which he says was hacked in January 2021 by someone using a Chinese IP address. Pavlou maintains that he has been set up by the CCP. “I think I was basically walking into a trap,” he tells TIME. (https://news.yahoo.com/curious-case-australian-activist-arrested-182611203.html) The Chinese Embassy had not replied to repeated requests for comment at time of publication.

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