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Newsline: UK summons China ambassador over Taiwan

The British government has summoned China’s ambassador to the United Kingdom this week. Foreign Secretary Liz Truss called for the Chinese envoy to explain the increasingly aggressive actions China has taken on Taiwan. Truss on Wednesday summoned China’s ambassador to the UK Zhang Zeguang, to explain the increased aggression by Beijing on the island nation especially following the visit by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Truss reiterated the G7’s stance that called for China to resolve its disputes surrounding Taiwan in a peaceful manner. “I instructed officials to summon the Chinese Ambassador to explain his country’s actions. We have seen increasingly aggressive behavior and rhetoric from Beijing in recent months, which threaten peace and stability in the region,” said Truss in a statement. The Chinese Embassy responded that Zheng has rejected the criticism by the UK, describing it as “irresponsible” while saying that no foreign government has the authority to interfere in China’s “internal affairs.” (http://www.econotimes.com/South-China-Sea-UK-summons-China-ambassador-over-aggression-on-Taiwan-1639183) China claims Taiwan as part of its territory and visits by foreign officials to the island have drawn the ire of Beijing. Taiwan has resisted the pressure campaign that Beijing has increased on the island. China has also not ruled out taking control of Taiwan through military means.

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