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Archive for August 12, 2022

Newsline: China’s diplomats in Washington outmuscle Taiwan representatives

The Chinese embassy helmed by Ambassador QIN GANG went loud and hard in a zone-flooding media blitz that included multiple press briefings, a Washington Post oped, a CNN appearance and a social media output mode set to 11. The Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office (TECRO) under Taiwan’s de facto Ambassador BI-KHIM HSIAO trod more lightly — mostly amplifying statements out of Taipei punctuated by Hsiao’s double header PBS and CBS TV interviews last week. (https://www.politico.com/newsletters/politico-china-watcher/2022/08/11/chinas-washington-diplos-outmuscle-taiwans-reps-with-media-blitz-00050960) That minimalist engagement suggests the Taiwan Foreign Ministry’s risk aversion to high profile diplomacy may have hamstrung Hsiao at a critical juncture in the decades-long U.S.-China standoff on Taiwan’s status. During the Pelosi trip furor, the Chinese embassy held two virtual media briefings within a seven-day span backed by Qin’s drumbeat of multiple daily tweets making the case for China’s assertions of sovereignty over Taiwan. That reflected a global Chinese diplomatic offensive.

Newsline: Turkey Seen as the Biggest Swing Player in the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

As the Russia-Ukraine conflict heads for the six-month mark, Turkey has emerged as a major swing player in the protracted war. Ankara is involved in the conflict on a number of fronts, from security cooperation with Ukraine to energy cooperation with Russia to serving as a diplomatic mediator between Kyiv and Moscow. It was Turkey’s diplomacy that facilitated the grain shipments from Ukraine’s ports on Aug. 1, the first since the start of the war. This increasingly proactive approach to the conflict has presented both substantial opportunities and significant challenges for Ankara while offering important lessons for the West on how to most-effectively deal with Russia. (https://foreignpolicy.com/2022/08/11/turkey-russia-ukraine-war-swing-player/) Ankara has long sought to leverage its strategic position at the intercontinental crossroads between Europe and Asia as well as emphasize the concept of connectivity.

Newsline: India’s diplomacy in Russia-Ukraine conflict seen as neutralist

India’s decision to send additional humanitarian assistance to Ukraine this week reaffirms its neutral approach to the seven-month-old conflict, despite the widely-held view in the West about its pro-Russian bias. India is among the few democracies in the world that have consistently abstained from resolutions in the UN Security Council, General Assembly and the Human Rights Council that condemned Russia for the invasion of Ukraine. Yet, the first batch of Indian humanitarian assistance was rushed to Ukraine within weeks of the war. (https://www.msn.com/en-in/money/topstories/india-holds-the-middle-ground-in-russia-ukraine-conflict/ar-AA10xItt) Prime Minister Narendra Modi has spoken to both the Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky several times to urge for the immediate cessation of hostilities and return to the “path of diplomacy and dialogue” to resolve the conflict.

Newsline: Venezuelan officials protest outside Argentina’s embassy in Caracas

An official Venezuelan delegation, including the transport minister, protested Thursday outside Argentina’s embassy in Caracas against the grounding of a plane and its crew in Buenos Aires since June. Minister Ramon Velasquez and pro-government lawmakers visited the embassy Thursday to protest, as a few dozen workers of state airline Conviasa gathered outside chanting: “Return the plane and crew!” Velasquez’s delegation handed a document to ambassador Oscar Laborde. “We gave the ambassador some communications so that the authorities, the counterparts in Argentina, can sit down and talk about the situation, find the best alternative and the best solution to this problem,” Velasquez said afterwards. (https://news.yahoo.com/venezuelan-delegation-protests-grounding-plane-195847741.html) The Boeing first entered Argentina on June 6 with a load of auto parts from Mexico. The Boeing 747 cargo plane, owned by Venezuelan company Emtrasur, has been held in Argentina since it arrived on June 8 from Mexico with a shipment of auto parts, after having tried unsuccessfully to enter Uruguay. Conviasa, which controls Emtrasur, is the target of US sanctions.