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Newsline: EU says diplomats studying Iran’s response to nuclear proposal

The European Union is assessing Iran’s response to what the bloc has called its “final” proposal to save a 2015 nuclear deal, and consulting with the United States, an EU spokesperson said on Tuesday. “For the moment, we are studying it and we are consulting with the other JCPOA participants and the U.S. on the way forward,” the spokesperson told reporters in Brussels, referring to the nuclear deal by the official abbreviation JCPOA. She declined to give a time frame for any reaction by the EU who is coordinating the negotiations in Vienna. After 16 months of fitful, indirect U.S.-Iranian talks, with the EU shuttling between the parties, a senior EU official said on Aug. 8 the bloc had laid down a “final” offer and expected a response within a “very, very few weeks.” (https://news.yahoo.com/eu-says-studying-irans-response-104358311.html) Iran responded to the proposal late on Monday but neither Tehran nor the EU provided any details on the content of the reply. Earlier on Monday, Iran’s foreign minister had called on the U.S. to show flexibility to resolve three remaining issues, suggesting Tehran’s response would not be a final acceptance or rejection. Washington has said it is ready to quickly seal a deal to restore the 2015 accord on the basis of the EU proposals. Diplomats and officials have told Reuters that whether or not Tehran and Washington accept the EU’s “final” offer, neither is likely to declare the pact dead because keeping it alive serves both sides’ interests.

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