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Newsline: China complains US not cracking down on ‘anti-China thugs’ outside embassy

State media in China has complained of harassment outside the country’s embassy in the U.S., saying that the government must step in the diffuse tensions. A spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy answered state media outlet CGTN’s question on the situation, calling protestors “anti-China thugs.” “Over a long period of time, abetted and organized by anti-China forces, some anti-China thugs have been harassing the Chinese Embassy in the United States at its various locations,” the spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy said. “They have been constantly attacking China and the Communist Party of China at high volumes, insulting and intimidating the Embassy staff, fabricating and spreading disinformation, and even resorting to violence.” The embassy spokesperson went on to demand that the United States legally crackdown on demonstrations for the sake of the staff’s “dignity” and “safety.” “The Chinese side has lodged stern representations with the US side for numerous times. But these anti-China thugs have not been stopped, but gone even more reckless,” the spokesperson said. “The Chinese side demands that the US side earnestly implement the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and adopt effective measures to protect the dignity and safety of the Chinese Embassy and its staff.” (https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/china-complains-us-not-cracking-down-on-anti-china-thugs-outside-embassy/ar-AA10SltE) Chinese officials have frequently utilized the language of offense and insult in complaints foreign commentary on the country.

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