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Newsline: China condemns UN report on human rights

A United Nations report accusing China of committing grave human rights abuses in Xinjiang has triggered a fiery response from Beijing. On Wednesday, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) released a 48-page report that found “serious human rights violations” in the Chinese government’s crackdown on ethnic minorities in the Xinjiang region. The assessment, which the international body said was “based on a rigorous review of documentary material currently available to the Office,” took years to finish and was published minutes before U.N. Human Rights Commissioner Michelle Bachelet’s four-year term ended. Just hours after the report was made public, Liu Yuyin, spokesperson for the Chinese mission to Geneva, released a statement dismissing the findings as a mere attempt to tarnish China’s reputation. “It is completely a politicized document that disregards facts, and reveals explicitly the attempt of some Western countries and anti-China forces to use human rights as a political tool,” the statement read. (https://news.yahoo.com/long-awaited-un-report-human-223944642.html) On Thursday, China’s Ambassador to the United Nations Zhang Jun spoke in a video expressing his government’s condemnation of the report, which he claims was made “to undermine China’s stability and obstruct China’s development.”

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