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Newsline: Israel’s Ambassador to Morocco recalled amid harassment allegations

Israel’s Foreign Ministry recalled Ambassador David Govrin from his post in Morocco amid an ongoing inquiry into allegations of sexual harassment, according to a spokesperson. A delegation from Israel, led by the Foreign Ministry’s Inspector General Hagay Behar, arrived in Morocco and is conducting the review. In a statement to i24NEWS the Israeli Foreign Ministry said that, “The issue is known about and is being dealt with.” (https://www.i24news.tv/en/news/israel/diplomacy/1662371775-morocco-embassy-allegations-israeli-diplomats-accused-of-impropriety) Allegations include the exploitation and harassment of Moroccan women, possible conflicts of interest and the disappearance of gifts received by the mission. A number of other leading Israeli politicians and diplomats are also linked to these claims, according to reports. Besides the accusations of sexual misconduct, it is also examining the disappearance of a gift card received by the embassy from the Moroccan royal household during Israeli independence day celebrations, and a dispute between the ambassador and the embassy’s head of security. If the inquiry surfaces any truth to the allegations, it could cause a diplomatic incident between the two nations that only recently renewed diplomatic contact as part of the Abraham Accords.

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