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Newsline: Russians mourn Queen Elizabeth with flowers at UK embassy

Russians laid flowers at the British embassy Friday, despite the dire state of relations between London and Moscow. “Despite what is going on now, the Queen and the royal house have always been the personification of peace and goodness,” said Muscovite Anton Avramets after placing a pink bouquet alongside many others on a wall outside the embassy. (https://news.yahoo.com/russians-mourn-queen-elizabeth-flowers-115108971.html) There were lighted candles among the tributes, and one woman made a sign of the cross as she placed red roses on the wall. Russia’s already poor relations with Britain have worsened sharply since the start of the conflict in Ukraine, and Moscow frequently rails against British leaders, including incoming prime minister Liz Truss this week. But it made an exception for the queen; President Vladimir Putin called her death an “irreparable loss” in a condolence message on Thursday.

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