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Archive for September 22, 2022

Newsline: Sri Lanka president holds talks with foreign diplomats on debt restructuring

Sri Lanka’s President Ranil Wickremesinghe held talks with foreign diplomats, the island nation’s government said in a statement on Thursday. (https://news.yahoo.com/sri-lanka-president-holds-talks-110646893.html) The talks focused on debt restructuring and the International Monetary Fund programme aimed to tackled the country’s economic crisis, according to the statement.

Newsline: US brings carrot-and-stick diplomacy to UN

US President Joe Biden took a big carrot to the Big Apple for his UN speech — and for the Russians, an even bigger stick. In an approximately half-hour address Wednesday to the UN General Assembly, Biden covered a litany of global problems, from the war in Ukraine to tension around Taiwan, hunger in Africa and climate change everywhere. In every case, he said, the United States was ready to act. (https://news.yahoo.com/biden-brings-carrot-stick-diplomacy-020339928.html) It was confirmation of the credo Biden has preached since the day he took office: that America is back, and that means back on top. Unlike isolationist Donald Trump, who ditched international agreements, entered erratic relationships with US foes and treated US allies as a nuisance, Biden’s worldview, laid out from the podium of the UN’s huge hall, was more straightforward. The United States will get involved everywhere, he said. The only question is whether that will be with a carrot — or, as with Russia, a stick.

Newsline: UK is considering relocation of British embassy to Jerusalem

Liz Truss has told her Israeli counterpart she is reviewing moving the British embassy in Tel Aviv to the contested holy city of Jerusalem. The Prime Minister raised following Donald Trump on the possible move with Yair Lapid during a meeting at the United Nations summit in New York on Wednesday. (https://news.yahoo.com/truss-tells-israel-she-considering-000039584.html) Mr Trump, when president, sparked controversy by moving the US embassy to Jerusalem in 2017. A Downing Street spokeswoman said Ms Truss informed Mr Lapid “about her review of the current location of the British Embassy in Israel”. Ms Truss said she understood the “importance and sensitivity” over its location. Then the Foreign Secretary, she made the pledge during the Tory leadership contest in a letter to the Conservative Friends of Israel. Britain has long maintained its Israel embassy in Tel Aviv despite Israel designating Jerusalem as its capital.