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Newsline: India declines to disclose upcoming UN vote on Ukraine

Indian foreign affairs minister S Jaishankar has said that the country does not want to share its vote at the United Nations General Assembly on a draft resolution for condemning Russia’s stance on Ukraine in advance. “As a matter of prudence and policy, we don’t predict our votes in advance,” Mr Jaishankar said during a joint media briefing along with Australia’s Foreign Minister Penny Wong in Canberra. He added: “We have been very clearly against the conflict in Ukraine. We believe that this conflict does not serve the interests of anybody. Neither the participants nor indeed of the international community.” (https://news.yahoo.com/ukraine-war-live-putin-calls-041203114.html) The General Assembly is due to vote on the draft resolution on Tuesday or Wednesday, diplomats said. Russia had vetoed a UN Security Council resolution introduced by the United States and Albania late last month condemning the proclaimed annexation, with China, Gabon, India and Brazil abstaining.

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