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Newsline: Israeli embassy claims Canada not doing enough for security

The Embassy of Israel in Canada says that the host government is not providing a proper level of security, leaving the Ottawa diplomatic mission vulnerable to threats. Canadian public broadcaster CBC interviewed two senior officials with the embassy who said that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) downgraded security shortly after Israel’s former ambassador to Canada, Nimrod Barkan, retired in November 2019. That level of protection involved 24-hour security for the ambassador for movements between the embassy and official residence. (https://www.i24news.tv/en/news/international/americas/1665640651-israeli-embassy-says-canada-not-doing-enough-for-security) During the Covid-19 pandemic the ambassadorial position was left vacant, with a chargé d’affaires temporarily representing the Jewish state in Canada’s capital city. Embassy officials told CBC that after the current ambassador, Ronen Hoffman, started his term in December 2021, the embassy asked the RCMP to provide the same level of security his predecessor received. However, this request was rejected by Global Affairs Canada, the government department that manages the country’s diplomatic and consular relations, as well as by the RCMP.

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