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Newsline: Elon Musk’s sustained diplomacy efforts gain momentum

Elon Musk’s suggestion of a diplomatic end to the Ukraine war initially encountered a strong negative reaction. Yet a possibility of diplomatic deals, once unthinkable, seems to become increasingly sayable. Self-Admitted non-diplomat Congressman Paul Gosar (R-AZ) decided to take the initiative on ending the Russia-Ukraine war and invited leaders of Russia and Ukraine to Arizona for ‘peace talks’. The letter to President Joe Biden from 30 House progressives led by Rep. Pramila Jayapal, chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, was advocating talks between the U.S. and Russia on Ukraine. Although it was retracted, the letter came as an indication that Musk’s advocacy of a negotiated settlement was apparently gaining momentum. A potential deal would involve Russia holding Crimea, a guarantee that Ukraine won’t join NATO and a referendum in the areas Russia held before February 2022, while Ukraine would get the rest of its territory back. Syndicated columnist @RichLowry argued it should be permissible to think about a potential diplomatic end to the Ukraine war. Diplomacy, like warfare, has its costs, which isn’t a good reason to shut down any discussion of it, @RichLowry wrote. (https://www.miningjournal.net/opinion/2022/10/diplomacy-in-ukraine-should-not-be-politically-correct/) Eventual negotiation that may suspend the conflict won’t be an ideal solution yet an imperfect peace will surely prove a better deal than a good war.

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