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Newsline: U.S. diplomacy eyes negotiated peace deal with Russia

U.S. diplomacy has privately asked the Ukrainian government to leave open the possibility of negotiating a peace deal with Russia to convince allied countries that the war in Ukraine is not festering and there is an exit option, sources close to the negotiations have told the ‘Washington Post’. These sources speak of a “calculated attempt” on the part of the US to guarantee Kiev the backing of governments whose electorates are beginning to tire of the conflict and the economic consequences it entails. “Fatigue over Ukraine is a reality for some of our partners,” a U.S. official acknowledged to the media on condition of anonymity. (https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/world/us-privately-advises-ukraine-not-to-reject-as-a-matter-of-course-russian-offers-for-negotiations/) However, the U.S. government has also conveyed to Kiev its conviction that none of Russia’s offers to negotiate have any credibility given its exaggerated demands, which virtually amount to unconditional surrender and implicit recognition of Russian sovereignty over the Ukrainian territories it has taken over. U.S. officials consulted by the newspaper do not rule out the possibility that Zelenski supports the possibility of a reopening of negotiations once winter arrives, when low temperatures make fighting practically impossible and a window for diplomacy opens.

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