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Newsline: German diplomat becomes first EU envoy to acknowledge India’s position

The recently concluded G20 Bali summit is being hailed as one of the most successful congregations of regional heavyweights in recent times. The concluding declaration included in word and spirit Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s phrase “today’s era must not be of war” which is being hailed as one of the strongest messages of maintaining peace and harmony in the world. German Ambassador Dr Phillip Ackermann is one of the first diplomats from the European block to give his reactions of the G20 summit applauding India’s position at the three-day summit in Bali. Praising India’s contribution in the drafting of the declaration, Dr Ackermann in an exclusive interaction with Financial Express Online, New Delhi, said, “Without India, this statement would not have been possible. And that’s for us a very satisfying moment of this because the Indian side has accepted it and has supported the same as us. And that’s very, I think a very good sign”. (https://www.msn.com/en-in/news/other/germany-becomes-first-eu-country-to-acknowledge-india-s-position/ar-AA14gbrh) From December 1, India will officially assume the presidency of the G20 at one of the most complicated political and strategic developments in modern times.

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