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Newsline: Beijing’s ambassador to the U.S. expects easier travel to China

China’s ambassador to the United States on Monday said he believes China’s COVID-19 measures will be further relaxed in the near future and international travel to the country will become easier. Ambassador Qin Gang told an event staged by the Semafor news platform that China’s government was taking a very responsible attitude to protect people from the threat of COVID-19, and said his country’s policy had always been “dynamic, not rigid.” “Now the measures are being relaxed, and in the near future, I believe that the measures will be further relaxed and international travel will become easier … from all the directions to China.” (https://neuters.de/world/china/chinas-us-envoy-expects-easier-travel-china-near-future-2022-12-12/) China has all but shut its borders to international travel for nearly three years. International flights remain still at a fraction of pre-pandemic levels and arrivals face eight days in quarantine.

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