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Archive for December 26, 2022

Newsline: After US, UK, Saudi and Australian embassies issue security alert in Pakistan’s Islamabad

After the United States and the United Kingdom, embassies of Saudi Arabia and Australia on Monday issued advisory to their citizens and government officials living in Pakistan’s Islamabad to “limit their movement and increase vigilance” amid the rising terror threat. Saudi Arabia has warned its nationals to “be cautious” and not step out except for emergency purposes. “Security of Islamabad has been placed at the highest level,” the advisory said. It has also asked Saudi residents in the city to contact the embassy and consulate in case of an emergency. Meanwhile, the Australian embassy has urged its people to reconsider their need to visit Pakistan. “Avoid non-essential travel. Do your research and check that your insurer will cover you. If you do travel, take extra precautions to protect yourself from security and health risks,” the Australian advisory read. (https://www.msn.com/en-in/news/world/after-us-uk-saudi-australia-issue-security-alert-for-citizens-in-pakistan-s-islamabad/ar-AA15GbTf) The development comes in connection with the suicide bombing which took place in Islamabad last week where one policeman and a taxi driver were killed.

Newsline: New Zealand Embassy in Peru to take care of stranded citizens

Protests in Peru are on hold over the festive season, but tensions remain high as locals are told to stay indoors. The New Zealand Embassy said the well-being of New Zealanders stranded in the country is of major concern. The Embassy said it has been working with local authorities to take care of stranded New Zealand citizens, providing food and medical support as well as organising their evacuation. A New Zealander in Peru, Garth Warner, said protests on are on hold until 3 January, but locals are told to stay home. “We couldn’t get to a hospital if we wanted to, the roads are blocked off with big rocks, trees and officials there won’t let you pass.” He said protesters have died at the hands of the Peruvian military. (https://www.msn.com/en-nz/news/national/quite-a-few-number-of-deaths-new-zealander-in-peru-on-protests/) Since the dismissal of former President Pedro Castillo, who was detained after illegally trying to dissolve congress, violent protests have erupted around Peru. Last week, the international airport in Cuzco was reopened after the damage caused by protesters was repaired.

Newsline: Death of Nigeria-based US embassy guard investigated

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service is investigating the recent death of a Marine who had been working as embassy security in the Nigerian capital. Cpl. Elwin Ramirez was stationed at the U.S. embassy in Abuja, according to a Facebook post by the Marine Security Guard page. “We extend our most heartfelt condolences to Cpl. Ramirez’s family and friends, and we ask that you please respect their privacy during this difficult time,” the post read. “I can confirm that NCIS is conducting a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of Cpl. Elwin Ramirez, as we do in response to any non-combat, medically unattended deaths of Department of the Navy service members,” Jeff Houston, an NCIS spokesperson, told Marine Corps Times. “Out of respect for the investigative process, NCIS will not comment further while the investigation continues.” (https://news.yahoo.com/death-nigeria-based-marine-embassy-180336252.html) The Marine Corps did not respond by publication to an inquiry about when Ramirez died.