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Newsline: France supports its Burkina Faso ambassador despite withdrawal request

France continues to back its envoy in Burkina Faso despite a request by the Burkinabe government to replace him amid growing anti-French sentiment, Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna said on Thursday. “I would like to express my support and our support for our ambassador and for all the embassy staff, who are doing a remarkable job in conditions which, as you know, are difficult,” Colonna told LCI TV, adding that the letter had requested a change in envoy. (https://neuters.de/world/french-foreign-minister-we-support-our-ambassador-burkina-faso-2023-01-05/) Relations between France and Burkina, a former French colony in West Africa, have deteriorated after repeated military coups. In December, the Ouagadougou government sent a letter requesting the departure of France’s ambassador – a move the French government described as “not standard practice.”

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