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Archive for January 15, 2023

Newsline: South Korean embassy says two citizens on passenger list of jet that crashed in Nepal

Two Koreans seem to have been aboard a passenger aircraft that crashed in a resort town in Nepal, Seoul’s embassy in the Himalayan country said Sunday. “Two South Koreans are on the list of passengers. We are trying to confirm whether they were actually on board and their identities,” an embassy official said. (https://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/nation/2023/01/281_343631.html) In Seoul, the foreign ministry said local embassy officials have been dispatched to the site to handle relevant affairs. All 72 passengers and crew members were killed in the crash of the plane near Pokhara International Airport, according to a news report.

Newsline: Indian Embassy in Nepal Says 5 Indians Among Passengers, Issues Helpline Number

The Indian Embassy in Nepal has issued helpline numbers and it also gave details about the plane crash near the Pokhara International Airport in Nepal with 72 people on board, including 68 passengers and four crew members. The Embassy also gave details about Indian nationals who were onboard. “Deeply saddened by crash of a plane carrying 72 passengers and crew members, including some Indians in Pokhara. We express our heartfelt condolences to families of deceased. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by this tragedy,” Ambassador of Nepal to India was quoted as saying by news agency ANI. (https://news.abplive.com/news/world/nepal-plane-crash-5-indians-among-passengers-embassy-monitoring-situation-issues-helpline-number-jyotiraditya-scindia-pokhara-international-airport-1575805) An ATR-72 plane of Yeti Airlines crashed today near the Pokhara Airport while flying from Kathmandu. According to the info provided by Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, 5 Indians were travelling on this flight. Rescue operations are underway, the Indian Embassy in Nepal tweeted.

Newsline: India to become focus of U.S. diplomacy in 2023

In a week in which U.S.-Japan relations took center stage in Washington, the White House coordinator for Indo-Pacific affairs made clear that India was next on his radar for 2023. (https://asia.nikkei.com/Politics/International-relations/Indo-Pacific/India-will-be-focus-of-U.S.-diplomacy-in-2023-Kurt-Campbell) At Indo-Pacific Forecast 2023, an annual preview of political, security, and economic developments held by the Washington think tank Center for Strategic and International Studies, Kurt Campbell said America and its allies are looking at India as a country they want to draw more into the Indo-Pacific.

Newsline: Beijing seen muzzling its ‘wolf warrior’ diplomacy

Over the past decade, Beijing adopted a harsher tone in its diplomatic speeches as bilateral relations between the US and China worsened due to trade and Taiwan matters. Things got so tense that news media, borrowing a term from a pair of Chinese action movies, began to report that the Chinese were following a “wolf warrior” strategy. (https://asiatimes.com/2023/01/beijing-seen-muzzling-its-wolf-warrior-diplomacy/) For a while, many Chinese proudly wore the evocative term as a badge of honor. Now, though, personnel changes in the foreign ministry and a softened tone in diplomatic speeches can be seen as signs of a wish in Beijing to tone things down. To hear some Chinese commentators tell it, the move of hawkish diplomat Zhao Lijian from foreign ministry spokesman to a lower-profile position could signal what might be termed – if we stick to the wildlife theme – at least a bit of domestication of China’s “wolf-warrior” diplomatic strategy.