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Newsline: Barbados ambassador calls on UK to apologise for slavery

A Barbados ambassador has called for the British government and royal family to apologise for slavery and pay reparations following the Church of England’s admission of its involvement in past atrocities. David Comissiong, Barbados’ ambassador to the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), addressed the church’s “groundbreaking” developments in disclosing its involvement in the mass enslavement of African people, as the Caribbean nation continues to push for reparatory justice. (https://www.independent.co.uk/world/barbados-monarchy-slavery-uk-government-b2262951.html) Mr Comissiong is the deputy chairperson of the country’s National Task Force on Reparations. Barbados was the birthplace of the British slave society and was most ruthlessly colonised between 1636–1876. The Church of England’s investment fund’s “shameful” historic links to transatlantic slavery were laid bare in a full report on Tuesday, prompting it to announce £100 million of funding for a programme of investment, research and engagement to try to “address past wrongs”.

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