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Newsline: Saudi embassy in Turkey says no reports of Saudi victims after quake

Saudi Arabia’s embassy in Turkey said it has not received reports confirming the death of Saudi citizens in the 7.8-magnitude earthquake. The embassy said it was working with the Turkish authorities to confirm whether any Saudi citizens have died in the earthquake that hit the nation early on Monday. (https://english.alarabiya.net/News/saudi-arabia/2023/02/06/Saudi-Arabia-s-embassy-in-Turkey-says-no-reports-of-Saudi-deaths-yet-after-quake) The quake – which was felt in Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Cyprus, and several other neighboring countries – has killed hundreds of people in southeast Turkey and northern Syria. A total of at least 640 people have died in both Syria and Turkey, according to authorities. The death toll is expected to keep rising as rescue teams continue to dig under the rubble of collapsed buildings across several Turkish and Syrian provinces.

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