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Newsline: Chinese officials confronts US diplomat

A diplomat with the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs met with a US consul over remarks lamenting Hong Kong’s future under the Chinese Communist Party. U.S. Consul General Gregory May said that he was concerned about Hong Kong’s status as a business hub without the guaranteed freedoms enjoyed prior to the island’s return to China. “The National Security Law and actions taken by Beijing and Hong Kong authorities may negatively impact company staff, finances, legal compliance reputation and operations,” May said. May went on to warn that “companies should be aware that the risks faced in mainland China are now increasingly present here in Hong Kong.” (https://www.foxnews.com/world/chinese-officials-confronts-us-diplomat-draws-red-lines-hong-kong-speech) May’s comments incensed Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials, who have for years attempted to suppress criticism of their regime’s governance of the island. High-ranking CCP diplomat Liu Guangyuan reportedly met with May after the comments, complaining about the consul’s evaluation of Hong Kong.

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