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Newsline: Argentine ambassador blasts US offensive comments on Chinese ties

The Argentine ambassador to the U.S. denounced a Florida Republican’s comments on alleged Chinese military involvement in the South American country, calling the remarks “inaccurate” and “offensive.” In a letter to Rep. María Elvira Salazar, Ambassador Jorge Argüello lashed out at the lawmaker, who at a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing Tuesday accused Argentina of joining other Latin American countries such as Venezuela and Bolivia in giving China a military foothold in the Americas. “Some of the remarks that you made at that meeting are not only clearly inaccurate but are also offensive,” Argüello wrote. (https://news.yahoo.com/argentine-ambassador-bemoans-house-republican-221122332.html) Salazar, who chairs the Western Hemisphere subcommittee within Foreign Affairs, warned about a growing Chinese presence, accusing Argentina of playing host to its regional aspiration. “We know the Chinese are not here for trade, they are here for war,” Salazar said. Argüello pushed back against the idea of Chinese military presence in his country.

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