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Newsline: Chinese embassy rescued national smuggled into Myanmar

Chinese Embassy in Myanmar announced on Thursday that it had rescued a Chinese national who was smuggled into Myanmar and was forced to engage in telecom fraud. The person was lured by a criminal organization and was smuggled into Tachilek city in Shan State to engage in the criminal activity of telecom fraud, and was beaten and detained with his life being threatened. Upon learning of the situation, the Chinese Embassy immediately coordinated with the Myanmar police to deploy police forces and carry out a rescue operation. The Chinese national has since been successfully removed to safety, the embassy said on its official WeChat account. The Chinese Embassy once again reminds Chinese citizens not to believe the “high salary, low threshold” overseas recruitment advertisements to avoid falling into criminal schemes involving “telecom fraud and internet gambling.” (https://www.globaltimes.cn/page/202304/1288676.shtml) If Chinese nationals are illegally detained in Myanmar, the victims or their families are requested to report to the police of China and Myanmar as soon as possible and to the Chinese embassies and consulars in Myanmar so that the police can assist in rescue and extraction. In recent years, online gambling and telecom fraud have caused a series of social problems in Myanmar, including murder, kidnapping and human trafficking.

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