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Newsline: Saudi Arabia, other Middle Eastern states evacuate nationals from Sudan

Saudi Arabia on Saturday took 91 Saudis and about 66 people from other countries out from Port Sudan by naval ship to Jeddah, across the Red Sea. Kuwait said all citizens wishing to return home had arrived in Jeddah. (https://neuters.de/world/africa/foreign-states-evacuate-citizens-sudan-2023-04-23/) Qatar thanked Saudi Arabia for helping evacuate Qatari citizens. Separately, Sudan’s army accused the RSF of attacking and looting a Qatari embassy convoy heading to Port Sudan. Neither the RSF nor Qatar have commented on that and it was not clear if it was the same group that left for Saudi Arabia. Jordan said it had sent four military planes to evacuate about 260 nationals. On Saturday it said it was evacuating from Port Sudan. Lebanon said it was working to evacuate 51 citizens from Port Sudan.

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