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Newsline: Egypt, other African nations evacuate citizens from Sudan

Egypt said it had started evacuating citizens from Port Sudan and Wadi Halfa, in the north. It earlier urged nationals in Khartoum to shelter at home until the situation improved. It said there needed to be a “meticulous, safe and organised” evacuation process for its 10,000 nationals in neighbouring Sudan to reach home. It said one of its diplomats had been wounded by gunfire, without giving details. (https://neuters.de/world/africa/foreign-states-evacuate-citizens-sudan-2023-04-23/) Libya’s embassy in Khartoum said 83 Libyans including diplomats and their families, students and airline and bank employees had reached Port Sudan for onward travel home. Tunisia said it would start evacuating citizens on Monday. Its embassy in Khartoum told them to try to gather at a hotel in the capital. Ghana said its embassy in Cairo was working to coordinate the evacuation of nationals into Ethiopia. Kenya’s foreign ministry was setting up a committee to facilitate the evacuation of its citizens, it said.

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