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Newsline: Sweden expels five Russian diplomats

Sweden’s foreign ministry said on Tuesday it was expelling five Russian diplomats for conducting activities incompatible with their diplomatic status. “Five people who are employed at the (Russian) embassy have been asked to leave (Sweden) as a result of activities that are incompatible with the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations,” a Swedish foreign ministry statement said. The ministry declined to specify the activities involved, but said the Swedish security service had reported that Russia had continuously engaged in intelligence gathering in Sweden. “This is a security threat that the government takes very seriously,” it said in an emailed statement. (https://neuters.de/world/europe/sweden-expelling-five-russian-diplomats-foreign-ministry-says-2023-04-25/) Sweden’s Security Service declined to comment on the case, but said it has long warned that Russia used diplomats to spy on Sweden. Russia’s embassy in Sweden declined to comment on the development.

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