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Newsline: Afghan refugees living in India accuse embassy officials of corruption

Representatives of Afghan refugees living in India have accused officials at the Afghanistan embassy in Delhi, India, including the ambassador, of corruption. In a letter seen by Ariana News on Sunday, the representatives of the refugees accused the ambassador, Farid Mamundzay; the financial and administrative officer, Ziaullah Hashemi; and the officer of the political department, Ibrahim Shakib Ayazi, of financial and administrative corruption and embezzlement. The letter, sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA), states that Mamundzay, Hashemi and Ayazi “illegally and against the diplomatic values, leased two buildings, which will be six apartments, and a free area called ‘Chaman’, which is about half an acre of land, to an Indian company without any legal process, permission or guidance from the capital [Kabul].” According to the letter: “Currently, the Indian company has sued Farid Mamundzay and Ziaullah Hashmi in the Indian courts for forgery and corruption of 2.5 Indian crore ($304,132). The plan of the Indian company is that after several years, based on the decision of the Indian courts, about half an acre of land worth millions of dollars will be transferred into the company’s name. (https://www.ariananews.af/afghan-refugees-living-in-india-accuse-embassy-officials-of-corruption/) Afghanistan Embassy in New Delhi in a statement rejected reports of corruption at the embassy and said that works are done with full honesty and transparency.

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