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Newsline: Tahiti court to decide in rental case of China’s consulate

A court in French Polynesia is expected to get involved in the long-running dispute between a local home owner and the Chinese consulate. There has been a bitter dispute between the owner and the Chinese diplomats over the use of Residence Taina. China rented the villa in Punaauia in 2007 as a home for a diplomat but in defiance of the lease, the house was turned into an office and later a large satellite dish was installed on its roof. Disagreement over rent and upkeep prompted the owner last year to give the consulate notice to leave by February. However, the diplomats didn’t budge and instead wanted to buy the residence although it wasn’t for sale. China has resisted leaving the premises it had rented from Eva Bitton but has finally agreed to vacate them by the end of the month.