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Newsline: Sudan summons Chadian ambassador over cross-border attack

Sudan summoned the Chadian ambassador to Sudan on Saturday to protest what it called a cross-border attack by Chadian armed groups that killed at least 18 Sudanese civilians, official SUNA news agency reported. During the meeting, Sudanese acting Foreign Minister Ali Al-Sadiq demanded Chad arrest the assailants and return the hundreds of stolen camels as soon as possible, according to SUNA. (https://www.bignewsnetwork.com/news/272645486/sudan-summons-chadian-ambassador-over-allegedly-deadly-cross-border-attack) The Chadian ambassador said his country “will not allow whatever may disturb this relationship to happen.” A day earlier, Sudan’s Transitional Sovereign Council said Chadian armed groups killed 18 Sudanese civilians and stole 220 camels in an attack in a border village in Sudan’s West Darfur State on Thursday, the sovereign council said in a statement.

Newsline: US opens new embassy in Chad amid travel ban outcry

The U.S. officially opened a new embassy in Chad, just weeks after facing pushback for including the African country, a key counterterrorism ally, in President Trump’s new travel ban. The dedication is an “important symbol of our enduring partnership with the people of the Republic of Chad,” the State Department said in a statement. The multibuilding complex is situated on a 12-acre site southeast of downtown N’Djamena and includes a chancery, U.S. Marine Corps residence, warehouse, shops, utility building and facilities for the embassy community, according to the State Department. Construction on the $225 million project began in 2015. Operations moved to the new embassy complex this summer, but officials formally dedicated the building on Monday. U.S. Ambassador Geeta Pasi, Acting Director of the Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations Ambassador William Moser and Chadian government officials were all involved in the dedication. But the move comes as the White House has faced scrutiny for including Chad, a reliable counterterrorism ally in Africa, in Trump’s latest travel ban.


Newsline: Qatar orders closure of Chadian embassy

Qatar ordered the embassy of Chad be closed and gave its diplomats 72 hours to leave, the Qatari foreign ministry said, accusing the African country of joining a “campaign of blackmail” with its decision to shutter the Qatari embassy. Qatar is involved in a row with four Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, over allegations that Doha supports terrorism. Qatar denies the charges. Chad said on Wednesday it was giving Qatari diplomats 10 days to leave the country, accusing Qatar of trying to destabilize the central African nation through its northern neighbor Libya. The director of the Qatari foreign ministry’s media department said the timing of the Chadian decision shows that it “comes within the campaign of political blackmail against the State of Qatar with the intention of joining the siege countries for very well known reasons”. Qatar refers to Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt as the “siege countries” for imposing sanctions on it. Senegal said this week it had returned its ambassador to Qatar after having recalled him three months ago, in a bid to encourage a peaceful resolution to the feud.


Newsline: Chad closing Qatar’s embassy, kicking out diplomats

Chad’s government says it is closing Qatar’s embassy there and accuses the Gulf nation of trying to destabilize the Central African country via neighboring Libya. The foreign ministry says in a statement that Qatar’s diplomats have 10 days to leave Chad. The statement also says Chad’s embassy in Qatar is closing and its diplomats are leaving. Chad is calling on Qatar to “cease all actions that could undermine its security as well as those of the countries of the Lake Chad basin and Sahel.” The statement gives no further details. Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt months ago cut diplomatic and transport links with Qatar, accusing it of supporting terrorist groups and fomenting unrest in the region. Qatar has rejected the allegation that it backs extremist groups.


Newsline: Man arrested after shooting at police officers outside US Embassy in Chad

A man suspected of being a jihadist was arrested on Wednesday after shooting at Chadian policemen on duty in front of the US embassy in N’Djamena. No one was injured in the shooting, according to police sources. “The man who arrived on a motorcycle had in his possession a Turkish pistol with a ball ammunition and fired at point-blank range on the police officers who were guarding the US embassy in Chad,” the source told AFP in anonymity. “There were no injuries and he has been handed over to the intelligence services,” the source adding that the suspect is an official of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, according to the documents found on him and testament that “clearly stated that he pledged allegiance to the Islamic State.” N’Djamena is a target of Boko Haram suicide bombers who regularly attack Chadian soldiers around Lake Chad.


Newsline: Chad orders Libyan embassy to close

The Libyan embassy in the Chadian capital of N’jamena has suspended work until further notice following an order from the government of Chad to close. The official reason, as given by the Chadian foreign ministry, is that there are too many Libyan diplomats at the embassy. According to an embassy statement, the foreign ministry ordered 12 diplomats to leave the country a week ago, giving them 48 hours to do so. Complaints about overstaffing at Libya’s embassies abroad and the costs involved have been voiced by members of the House of Representatives as well as by the Government of National Accord. It is thought, though, that there are other reasons for Chad’s action. Relations between the two countries have long been difficult and fractious. From the outset, the Qaddafi regime constantly meddled in Chad’s internal affairs, trying either to install a puppet regime or take it over, seizing Aouzou Strip in the north of the country in 1971 and on four ocassions between 1978 and 1987 sending Libyan forces to try and force its will on the southern neighbour. Chadian President Idriss Deby, whose rise to power stemmed from his participation in the Chadian-Libyan conflict, is known to be particuarly sensitive over any perceived attempts by Libya to dominate his country.


Newsline: US embassy in N’Djamena closed, State Department warns Americans against travel to Chad

The State Department is warning American citizens against all travel to Chad and advising those in the African nation to leave as soon as possible because of security concerns. In a statement issued Friday night, the State Department says it has authorized the voluntary departure of dependents of U.S. government personnel and of nonemergency personnel from Chad’s capital, N’Djamena. The American Embassy has been closed for security reasons. The State Department is advising that all U.S. citizens be ready to implement personal evacuation or safe-haven plans on short notice. Officials say robberies, carjackings at gunpoint and murder have been reported throughout the country. Chad has been fighting the extremist group Boko Haram for months. This summer a series of suicide attacks in the capital killed dozens of people.